Atrium Ljungberg

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Atrium Ljungberg is one of Sweden's largest real estate company with a clear focus on the development and management of commercial and office buildings. The business concept is to offer the customers attractive environments by long-term ownership, development and management of venues and office buildings in strong markets, mainly in the metropolitan areas. The properties are located in a number of strong sub-markets in Sweden, mainly in Stockholm, Uppsala and Malmo. Atrium Ljungberg är ett av Sv


Company:Atrium Ljungberg
Registered: Sweden
Listed: Sweden | Stockholm Stock Exchange | Ticker:LJGR B | Type of stocks:B


Sector:Real Estate
Industry:Construction & Development
Sub-industry:Real Estate Development

Market Value

Stock price: NOK 0,00
Number of stocks: 143 878 395
Market cap:NOK 0