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Awilco LNG ASA is a Norwegian based owner and operator of LNG vessels intended for international trade. The company owns three 125,000 cbm LNG vessels; WilGas, WilPower and WilEnergy. In addition, the company has entered into a new building contract with Daewoo Shipbuilding in Korea for two 155,900 cbm LNG vessels to be delivered in 2013 and has the option for two LNG vessels with similar specifications. Awilco LNG ASA has an industrial approach and a long-term commitment to the sector.


Company:Awilco LNG
Registered: Norway
Listed: Norway | Oslo Axess | Ticker:ALNG | Type of stocks:A


Sub-industry:Gas Ships

Market Value

Stock price: NOK 13,20
Number of stocks: 0
Market cap:NOK 0